• Friday 24th, September 2021

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Shortly about us: Masternodes-Pos-Pool is a semi decentralized platform. Currently working with cryptocurrency. At the moment we are solving a big problem in this sector. We are trying to bring a large number of investors here at the moment. But there will be no security problems of any kind on the side we are collecting user data through inscription like big companies. Soon we will have a small exchange which is already our work going on. Our site is already over five months old on this reason/milestone we lunch our own coin on crypto market Masternodes-Pos-Pool Coin (MPP). We are providing 3 types of service 

1: Masternodes (1.1 Shared Masternodes, 1.2: Dedicated Masternodes) with 0% profit share 

2: Mining (With 0% fee) (Coming soon)

3: VPS (Coming soon)


Our Vision: We all know the crypto is future. The main part is the future of crypto is excellent. If you notice, you can see very clearly that no such project has come up in this market so far. We hope that many new investments and many new people will come to this market through us. Many new people will learn to invest in cryptocurrencies. They will learn to make a profit .  They will learn to make a profit by investing while sitting. This platform is passive income based. so first analyze yourself which coin do you want to invest. Our purpose is to bring together small investors so that they can make all kinds of profits which were not possible due to lack of money. we always think of the customer first. that's why we have come up with some great offers for you right now. 

1: 100% Discount on Withdraw (For limited time)

2: 100% Discount on Staking fee 

3: 100% Discount on Profit share (For 3 month or more. for more contact with us)

4: 0.5%-2% bonus on buying Masternodes-Pos-Pool Coin 

5: Get 5$ for create an account

6: 100% Bonus on refer program (2.5$ + 2.5$ = 5$) (For limited time. First 10,000 users)

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