• Thursday 23rd, September 2021

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Masternodes-Pos-Pool is a Financial service Provider. We are providing this service from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd-Downtown, Dubai. Dubai-United Arab Emirates (UAE). For company number (Registration) please contact us. Please read this 9 Point carefully.

  1. The clint/User are confirmed he signup with his/her valid information. If we get anything wrong. Masternodes-Pos-Pool community can Disable his/her account instantly. (it’s not solved until the day). The time is totally depended on the case or situations.
  2. With this Agreement user are confirmed he/she are ready to make profit/losses. User will never claim his losses back. Crypto price is not regulated yet that’s the why its flocculate more than our thinking.
  3. With this agreement user are confirmed he/she in crypto Legal area. In future if Government ask for users Country’s that not legal in crypto, we will hand over them (Your account may suspend) (And funds are depended what action government takes).
  4. Know more about Money laundering section.
  5. By accepting this current agreement, User are able to receive information. Included offers, Future promotion, updates via email or through the Website. (For Offers: “offers@mpospool.com”), (For Promotion: “promotion@mpospool.com”), (For updates: “updates@mpospool.com”), (For Maintenance: “maintenance@mpospool.com”).
  6. Know more about BETA version.
  7. Masternodes-Pos-Pool currently in BETA version. Maybe some where have some bugs or incomplete function.
  8. With this agreement user are agree with he/she are ready for beta version.
  9. user/client ready for Future updates. User will check every month our terms and rules (For 6 month).

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